Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Palette

Highlighters are all the rage right now and the Ultra Pro Glow Palette from Makeup Revolution has 8 different shades to give your face a fantastic glow. The palette is £10 and features cream, pink, bronze and peach shades in it.

Highlighters are my favorite product right now and for £10 this palette really isn't that bad. There was a good amount of pigment in the colors and they had a nice soft texture to them. While not on the same level as Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits, these ones are good for people starting out or for those on a budget.

While the packaging of the palette isn't that great, the highlighters are nicely laid out. I personally think the packaging feels quite flimsy and that it would break easily. Makeup Revolution are not know for high quality packaging, so for the price you can't really expect high quality packaging.

I used the pink color as a blusher and the rest as highlighters on the cheekbones and other areas I wanted to glow. Out of all the colors the cream and pink shades were my favorites. All of the colors I used stood out really well and gave my skin this amazing glow. This is a great palette for travel as you can take a range of different colors around with you all in one palette. 

If you haven't tried this one already, I do recommend it as it's a very good palette.

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