Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Dior Cool Down Eyeshadow

For anyone who loves bright colors, especially for summer, the Dior Cool Down 5 color eyeshadow palette is a must. I saw it a few weeks ago when I was shopping and had to get myself one. The palette is from Dior's Cool Wave summer collection and features 5 colors in blue shades.

When I saw this palette I knew I had to get it as these are the sorts of colors I love to wear. They can be worn individually or as I like to wear them - altogether. I used the palest color as a base and applied the turquoise shade into the crease and blended up. I then put the bright blue all over the lid and the dark blue into the outer corner. The grey color I put into the inner corners of the eyes.

Every color was very pigmented and went on the eyes nice and smooth. Once on they stayed on all day without creasing or fading.

NARS NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palette 2

I do love a good blusher and cheek palette and noticed that NARS have released two new palettes called Wanted. They come in two different shades, one lighter and one darker. I decided to go for the darker one out of the two called Wanted 2. The palette features coral, red and deep raspberry tones. I do love blushers that really stand out so when I saw this one I noticed it was right up my street. 

In this palette are the colors - PYT (Metallic Rose), Ambition (Satin Tangerine), Taos (Soft Red With Golden Sheen), Exposed (Matte Dusky Rose), Penthouse (Matte Raspberry) and Queen (Matte Ruby). All colors are limited edition apart from Taos which can be bought as a color on it's own.

The colors in this palette are extremely pigmented which means you don't have to use a lot to get the color to show up. The best way to use the colors is to gently pat your brush into the color as a small amount really does go a long way.

All colors look great on the face and the shimmery colors give a nice glow. The matte colors looked great too and didn't feel at all drying and stayed on all day without fading.

Even though this is the darker palette out of the two new ones, the colors looked great on my face and weren't too dark for my skin tone either.


Too Faced White Peach Palette

A while ago I saw that Too Faced had brought out another Peach palette and was told that in the UK, the store in Carnaby Street in London would have it. It's the latest addition to the Peach range and is called White Peach. It's very similar to the Just Peachy Mattes palette, but has more cool tones in it. Out of the two I prefer White Peach as I'm a big fan of those cooler tones. 

The palette features 12 shades in a mix of mattes, shimmers and glitters in champagnes, soft pinks, plums and peaches. It also has the most amazing scent of peach in it too as it is infused with refreshing peach and sweet fig milk.

The pigments in the colors are amazing and really stand out. I didn't have to use a lot of color to get the colors to show up either. Blending was like a dream and I was able to create a few different looks with the colors in this palette. Once on, they stayed on all day without creasing or fading.

Here are some of the looks I created with White Peach. 

Peach Cream, Peach Ice, Creme De La Peach, Peach Sorbet, On The Grill

Peach Smoothie, Sweet Fig, Fuzzy, Peach Icem Peach Passion
With so many fantastic colors to choose from it can be hard picking a favorite. Out of all of them my favorites had to be Peach Passion, On The Grill, Peach Ice, Sweet Fig, Peach Smoothie and Peach Sorbet.

MAC Nico Panda

Back in March I was shopping at MAC and noticed this awesome limited edition collection in the most amazing packaging called Nico Panda. Not only did it look amazing but the colors were right up my street. In the collection were products like lipstick, lashes, lip glass, face kits and a brush set. I decided to grab myself two items - a lipstick and a face kit.

The lipstick I got was called Kawaii Party and is a matte lavender. The panda packaging looks super cute too, I just love MAC limited edition packaging. Pigment wise this color has plenty and glides on the lips nice and smooth. It may be a matte but it doesn't feel at all drying either and felt nice and comfortable on my lips all day.

I thought the face kits looked fantastic so I got myself one in the color Preppy Panda. The face kit features 4 eyeshadows in - lilac, purple, dark purple and mint. The blusher is this awesome shimmer pink color. As for pigment the blusher seemed to have a good amount in it and built up on my cheeks nicely. The shimmer wasn't too much either and gave a nice sort of glow to my face. 

I just loved the colors in the eyeshadows too and my favorite way to wear them was all blended together. I first applied the mint up into the crease and blended up. I then put the lilac all over the eyelid along with a bit of the purple. I then blended the dark purple into the outer corner to create a unique look. I did think the mint could have done with more pigment in it. 

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Urban Decay Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Palette

I do love it when Urban Decay release a limited edition collection. The other month I was shopping and noticed some new limited edition products from the brand including this amazing eyeshadow palette. This one was right up my street as it was full of bright colors that I love to wear.

The brand have collaborated with Kristen Leanne to bring a small limited edition collection with items such as palettes and lipstick. The palette I loved was called Kaleidoscope Dream. In it are 11 shades which really stand out. Lovers of color will really be spoilt with this one.

With so many amazing colors to choose from it did get a bit tricky deciding how to wear them. I created a few different looks from this palette by blending the colors together. As usual for Urban Decay the pigment is very intense and blending is extremely easy, plus there is no creasing either as the colors stay on all day too.

Here are some of the looks I created.

I enjoyed having fun with the colors in this palette and my favorites had to be the gold, blue and purple. If like me you love color then you really need to get yourself this palette. I got mine at the Urban Decay store for £28.00.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Kat Von D Divine Eyeshadow Palette

The other week I was shopping at the Kat Von D counter in Debenhams and heard that they had a new eyeshadow palette out. I do love it when new palettes get released and when I saw the color choice in this one I was very impressed. The new palette is called the Divine palette and is themed on drag artist, singer and actor Divine. The palette is full of amazing colors that just stand out, with colors such as bright green and navy blue. 

There are 8 amazing colors in this palette that allow you to create a look that really stands out, in a mix of matte and shimmer. If like me you love bright colors, this palette is definitely for you.

Babs, Hard Magic, Baltimore, Waters, Filthy, Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Hairspray

There are many ways to wear the colors in this palette. My favorite way was to wear all of them together to create one unique look. The two palest colors Female Trouble and Babs, work really well as base colors and highlighters.

In the look I created I used those two colors as bases and applied Waters and Baltimore into the crease and blended up. I then applied Hard Magic into the outer corner with Pink Flamingos into the rest of the eye and blended together.

The pigment in each color was insane and I didn't have to use a lot to get the colors to show up either. Blending was super easy and even the matte colors applied well. Some mattes can go powdery and have a dry feel to them, not these ones.

The Divine palette is limited edition so if you want one, do be quick and get one as soon as you can. If you are a fan of color you must get this palette.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

New Pink Lipsticks I Have Tried

Pink or pink purple is my must have lipstick color. The other week when I was shopping I decided to get some new products to add to my collection. I stopped at NARS, NYX and Urban Decay and found some colors that I just loved. Here is what I bought.

My first stop was Urban Decay and I noticed that they still had a lipstick from last year's Jean Michel Basquiat collection. I loved this collection when I saw it as the packaging was super creative and the colors on offer were just amazing. From that collection I bought the two eyeshadow palettes, but didn't get any lipsticks. 

The color I got is called Exhibition is is this awesome medium pink purple color and has a comfort matte finish. I love how they packaging is themed to the collection too. The pigment is just insane and glides on easily. It may be a matte but doesn't actually feel like a matte. I do like the Urban Decay Comfort Matte finish.

NYX Super Cliquey Lipstick

 At NYX I decided to get one of their Super Cliquey Lipsticks. I've seen these every time I have gone past the NYX counter and have always wanted to try them. They have a matte finish to them and come in a range of colors. They actually look like a marker pen and instead of twisting them like regular lipsticks, you press the bottom and the color comes up. The color I got is called Chain Reaction and is a bright berry color.

They have a good amount of pigment in them but can be drying and a bit uncomfortable to wear. The dryness can be avoided if you put a lip balm on first, but even then they can still feel a bit dry. They do manage to stay on for most of the day.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

At John Lewis, I stopped by the NARS counter and got one of their Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in the color Pussy Control which is a lilac shade. I tried these lip pencils some time ago and thought they were very good. They are more like a lip crayon and are very pigmented. Even though they are a matte they glide on very smoothly to your lips and stay on for most of the day too.

I've really liked wearing these colors as they look great on. If you love these sorts of shades, then you should get them too.