Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

I put quite a few things on my list to Santa this year. One of them was the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette. On Christmas Day when I opened my presents I saw that Santa had delivered me this palette, which I was very happy about.

The Heavy Metals Palette was released for the Holiday season and features 20 colors all in shimmer shades. In this palette there is a good mix of colors. On one side there are colors such as blue and green. On the other side neutrals such as brown and bronze.

This one opens a bit different to other eyeshadow palettes. The palette actually slides out of the packaging, some people may not like the design, but I think it is great. With Heavy Metals, I am actually spoilt for choice when it comes to the colors. I love bright colors that really stand out and the one side of the palette offers an amazing choice. 

All colors are very pigmented, have a nice soft texture and blend together nicely. I liked to use the paler shades as base colors, as well as highlighters. Once on they didn't fade or crease either.

As for favorite colors mine definitely has to be the brights. I loved playing with the colors and blending them together to create different looks.

Kat Von D Shade And Light Glimmer Palette

I love Kat Von D right now, especially her eyeshadow palettes. Last year I got the Shade And Light Eyeshadow Palette which was amazing. The Shade And Light Glimmer Palette has now been released, which looks just like the original Shade And Light, but the colors are shimmers instead of mattes. 

Shade And Light Glimmer features 12 neutral shades in a range of glimmer finishes. I got this palette for Christmas and I've really enjoyed playing with the colors and creating a look with them.

The colors are separated into three different looks, although I liked to combine different colors from different sections to create a unique look. The shimmery whites make really good base colors and highlighters. I also put them in the inner corner of my eyes to make them really stand out.

The pigment in this palette is very intense and you don't need to use a lot to get the color to look full on. They also have a nice soft texture to them which makes for easy blending.

As for my favorite colors, those have to be the black, dark gold and bronze. I was able to create a really dramatic look with this palette, although if you do like something more natural, then a non dramatic look using the paler brown shades can be created.

Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Highlighter Palette

When I saw the Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Collection, I definitely made sure I put the Winter Solstice Highlighter Palette on my list to Santa. On Christmas Day, Santa managed to deliver it which I was very happy about.

The packaging looks amazing and the colors inside look even better. This one has three powder highlighters - Arctic Glow, Northern Lights and Winter Rose. Along with one cream - Frosted Kiss.

The colors look absolutely amazing and I was super excited to try them out. I loved all of the powder colors as the pigment was intense and they had a nice soft texture to them. I wasn't fussed on the cream color - Frosted Kiss as I didn't think it was as good as the other colors.

Once on these looked fantastic and gave my skin this really awesome glow. I didn't have a favorite either as I loved all of the powder colors, although I  did particularly like Arctic Glow.

Northern Lights

Arctic Glow

Winter Rose

NARS Duo Eyeshadow - Montparnasse

Montparnasse is a duo eyeshadow from the NARS Man Ray 2017 Collection. It's one of two eyeshadows that were released for the collection and this one is shimmering gold with iridescent orchid.

The colors look great in the packaging and look even better on the eyes. I just love how pigmented it is too, meaning not a lot of product is required on the brush to get the colors looking very intense. Blending together is really easy too and once on they don't crease or fade.

The way I wore this was to first apply the gold all over my eyes. I then blended the orchid color into the outer corners to create the look I wanted. 

The colors looked amazing. I have the other eyeshadow from this collection too - Debauched. Out of the two I like Debauched best as the colors look very dark and dramatic.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Kat Von D Metal Crush Highlighter Palette

I love highlighters and I was really happy to get the Kat Von D Metal Crush Palette for Christmas. It's this really awesome highlighter palette that has three very shimmery shades. When I say it is really awesome I actually mean really awesome intense. The colors look amazing in the palette and look even better on the face.

This is a new release from Kat Von D. It only came out about a month ago and when I saw it, I had to put it on my Christmas list and on the 25th Santa delivered.

If you love your highlighter to stand out and look super intense, then you need this palette. The colors look amazing in the palette, but once they are on the face, they look out of this world. 

There are three colors to choose from and I love them all. The pigment in these is really intense and it doesn't take a lot of work to get the colors to show up. Plus they stay on all day too.

Too Faced Peanut Butter And Jelly Palette

I have been wanting Too Faced's Peanut Butter And Jelly Eyeshadow Palette for ages and I finally got it for Christmas. Too Faced is well known for it's scented products and this one is no exception, it has this really sweet scent to it which makes me want to eat it.

I love colors that stand out and this one has plenty of colors that I will definitely wear. This palette has purple and brown shades in it, which can be worn on their own or blended together.

The colors look amazing on and they blend really well too. As they are very pigmented, I found that I didn't have to use a lot to get the color to show up and the texture was really nice and soft, allowing for easy blending. They also managed to stay on all day without creasing or fading.

The purples were definitely my favorite and if you are a fan of Too Faced or love colors that stand out, I do recommend this palette as you will love it.

Friday, 29 December 2017

L'Oreal Balmain Lipsticks

Now I have to admit I'm not a fan of L'Oreal. The majority of their products do not appeal to me and that's before you even get on to the company itself, which I cannot stand, especially their views on animal testing. Yes, L'Oreal do test on animals, no matter what people at L'Oreal counters will try and tell you. As they sell in China, they have to test on animals. End of. I do happen to love Urban Decay, which unfortunately L'Oreal own.

Very occasionally and I do use the word very as it doesn't happen very often, L'Oreal will release a product that ends up being on my must have list. This year one of those products happens to be the lipstick collaboration they did with Balmain. L'Oreal basically teamed up with the French fashion house to bring out a mini collection of lipsticks in a range of different colors. The packaging also looks great too - blue or green packaging with Balmain written on it. It's got a really unique and fancy feel to it too.

I got two colors - purple and a brown grey. The pigment in them was great and they went on my lips nice and smooth too. As the pigment was good I didn't have to apply layer and layer of color either. Even though my lips were dry, these ones didn't dry them out at all. I did have to reapply some of the color later on in the day too as some of it had come off.

Even though I despise L'Oreal, I do think that these lipsticks are quite good and I recommend anyone try them. They also come in a good range of colors with a color to suit everyone.