Sunday, 15 January 2017

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick - Extatique

The other day when I was shopping at Chanel I noticed this really nice pink colored lipstick called Extatique. I love my pink lipsticks and I love Chanel too, so I decided to get it. It's from Chanel's Rouge Allure lipsticks and is described as luminous intense lip color. Unlike other Chanel lipsticks I have tried, the packaging is slightly different. To get to the color, you press down on the top of the lid and the lipstick pops out. This was £26.00 at Chanel.

The color has an amazing amount of pigment in it and it doesn't need much building up to get intense color either. With two coats I got my lips looking this really nice pink color. I do get dry lips and this one didn't dry them out, in fact it felt nice and moisturizing.

It also stayed on all day too and didn't really need any reapplying. The color looked amazing on too. I love pink lipsticks.

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes

For Christmas, I got the really amazing 12 Days Of Christmas makeup set by Makeup Revolution. I've really enjoyed using all of the products in it and some of these were three full sized eyeshadow palettes. I really like the palettes that Makeup Revolution bring out and what was even better was the ones in the gift set were exclusives. They can't be bought separately and were only available in the set. All three palettes had a good range of colors in them and each had a good mix of neutral and dramatic shades. They all seemed to have a good amount of pigment in them too.

The Night Shimmers palette was my personal favorite and features only shimmery colors including brown, green, pink and purple. This was the only palette out of the three to be shimmer only. 

While the Night Shimmers palette has only shimmers, the Matte Forecast Edit 2017 Palette has only mattes. The mattes were really not that bad and weren't that dry. I've tried other matte eyeshadows by this brand and found the colors to be a bit dry. The quality of these ones seems to be a lot better. 

The Matte 18 Edit palette has a really good mix of mattes and shimmers and has neutral shades in it. If you love your browns then this palette is perfect for you.

All three palettes were fab and I enjoyed creating different looks with them all. None of the colors I wore creased either and stayed on all day.

NYX Lip Lingerie - Corset And Beauty Mark

I'm really liking liquid lipsticks at the moment, and one particular one I'm a fan of is - Lip Lingerie from NYX. For the price I think they are great and the colors look amazing too. If you love your browns and nudes you will love these as these are the sort of colors these lipsticks come in. The two I got the other week were Corset (Toffee Nude) and Beauty Mark (Chocolate Brown). These were £6.50 each.

Top - Beauty Mark
Bottom - Corset

Both have a fantastic amount of pigment in them and go on nice and smooth, just like the other ones I bought from this range. They do go on as a liquid but dry quite quick, giving a really nice matte finish to the lips. If you love browns and nudes you will love the Lip Lingerie's.

They also did a good job of staying on too. Both looked great on, but out of the two Beauty Mark was my favorite.

Beauty Mark


Thursday, 12 January 2017

More NYX Liquid Suedes

I'm a big fan of these Liquid Suede lipsticks from NYX. I have tried a few of these already so I decided to grab a few more colors. The colors I got were Alien (Black), Jet Set (Deep navy blue with purple), Little Denim Dress (Bright sky blue), Brooklyn Thorn (Deep brown with purple undertones), Downtown Beauty (Walnut brown), Sandstorm (True nude) and Life's A Beach (Bright coral).

Alien, Jet Set, Little Denim Dress, Downtown Beauty, Brooklyn Thorn, Sandstorm, Life's A Beach

Swatches. Top to bottom - Life's A Beach, Sandstorm, Brooklyn Thorn, Downtown Beauty, Little Denim Dress, Jet Set, Alien

I just love the colors I chose, every single one looked amazing on. Liquid Suedes are one of my favorite liquid lipsticks to go for, the pigment in them is fantastic and they stay on for ages too. My lips do get dry, so another bonus is these lipsticks are not at all drying. All of the colors looked fantastic, so I didn't really have a favorite out of them all.

Brooklyn Thorn

Downtown Beauty

Life's A Beach

Little Denim Dress

Jet Set



Wednesday, 11 January 2017

MAC Soft Hint Lipstick

So last year MAC brought out some brand new lipstick shades in crazy colors like blues and greens. I'm a really big fan of crazy colored lipsticks and when I saw the ones that MAC had brought out I got really excited. The best thing is they are not limited edition either but have been put into MAC's permanent range of lipsticks. I have a few of them already and the other week I got one in Soft Hint, which is a candy blue with blue pearl. It has a frost finish to it.

I first saw this color at the MAC counter but then it disappeared and I couldn't see it again. I really thought I had imagined the color until I went in the MAC store and saw it there. I grabbed one there and was so glad to know I wasn't imagining it.

The color is amazing and it can be worn two different ways. As a color on it's own or on top of another. I wore a blue lipstick and then put this color on top. It changed the base color too and made my lips a really nice metallic blue. I also wore this as a color on it's own. It is a bit on the sheer side, although not too sheer that it doesn't hardly show. It just needs building up.

My lips do get dry and this one isn't at all drying, it stays on for a few hours too, although if you are eating and drinking, some of it does start to come off so it will need reapplying.

I just think that this is a fantastic color and if you love experimenting with different lipsticks, this one is right up your street.

With a blue lipstick

On it's own

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

NYX Brights Eyeshadow Palette

NYX is one of my favorite in between brands. It's better than drugstore but not high end like Chanel. I've tried quite a few of their products and think they are quite good for the price. For Christmas, I got their Brights Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is perfect for me as I love bright colors on my eyes. In this one are 16 colors in a mix of mattes and shimmers.

The quality of the colors is quite good, the pigment in them is nice and strong and they build up easily too. Even the yellows were quite good and yellows no matter what the brand can go a bit patchy. I did use a shimmery white base under the yellow, which is probably why it didn't go patchy. Once the colors were on they stayed on all day and didn't crease, which was a good thing.

I really enjoyed playing with the colors and mixing them up. My favorites were the blues and pinks.

Monday, 9 January 2017

MUA Tropical Oceana Palette

MUA is one of my favorite drugstore brands. I love their eyeshadow palettes and for Christmas I got their Tropical Oceana eyeshadow palette. This is one of the brands bigger palettes and features 25 really bright colors in a mix of mattes and shimmers. The colors in this palette are amazing and are bound to stand out. Fans of brights will love this palette.

I love my brights, so this palette is right up my street. There are endless combinations to the colors that can be created in this palette and I had a lot of fun with the colors. My favorite way to wear them was to blend them to create different looks. I liked the greens and blues best as they looked amazing.

I don't think Superdrug sell this palette, although the MUA website does have them. The pigment in them is amazing and the colors blend easily too. They didn't fade or crease either. The shimmers were the best, although the mattes were a bit on the dry side.

This has to be my favorite palette from MUA. I really liked the Silent Disco palette, but I like this one better.

Here are some of the looks I created with this palette.