Friday, 7 October 2016

Surratt Artistique Blush - Ponceau

I just love trying new brands and when I was in Liberty the other week I decided to check out this brand I hadn't tried before, but looked like there were a very interesting range of products. The brand is called Surratt and is a makeup brand from makeup artist Troy Surratt.

I really liked the look of the blushers and the color I went for is called Ponceau which is a coral color. Apparently the products can be bought in a refillable version or in just regular packaging. I do love it when a brand offers refill versions of their products. As I hadn't tried this brand before I decided on getting the blusher in just regular packaging.

The pigment is just amazing. The color builds up really easily and you don't need to use a lot to get it to show up. The texture is nice and soft too. As the color is so pigmented, it is best to gently tap your brush into the color and build it up. It's a lot easier to build up, rather than try and tone a color down.

Once on it didn't fade or need reapplying. I'm really loving the blushers from this brand.

Suqqu Pure Color Blush - Tsubomizaki

The other week when I was shopping in Harrods I saw these really awesome looking blushers on the Suqqu counter. Suqqu is still a brand new to me and I have tried one of their lipsticks before and really liked it. I decided to try one of their blushers as the colors looked amazing.

The Pure Color blush is a sort of two toned blusher that comes in a range of colors. The one I liked was called Tsubomizaki, which has pink and orange shades in it. It also comes in really nice black packaging too.

I just love the different tones of color in this blusher. The way I like to use this one is to get my brush and swirl it around to create one unique color, though you can just put your brush into the individual color if you want.

The pigment is amazing and has a really nice soft texture to it. The shimmer in it gives the cheeks a really nice glow.

Once on it didn't fade or need reapplying. I just love these blushers as the quality and colors are amazing.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Illamasqua Lava Lips Lipstick

Back in the summer, Illamasqua released a really interesting lipstick. It is unlike any they have released before. I have seen this lipstick many times, but have only just recently managed to get it. It's called Lava Lips and is mainly a pink colored lipstick, although it does have a blue/purple marbled effect in it too.

The great thing about this one is it changes color. I like to apply it straight to my lips, giving them a sort of pink shade. If I turn the lipstick onto the other side it deepens the pink and changes it to a purple shade which looks amazing.

This one does have a matte finish, but unlike a lot of mattes this one isn't drying and stays on all day without having to reapply.

I just love how this lipstick can change color. It is limited edition and is sold out online, although some counters may have some left.

MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder - Trophy

Strobing and highlighting is all the rage right now and is definitely a makeup trend I'm really loving. Who doesn't love glowing skin. From MAC's It's A Strike collection, is this really awesome Pearlmatte Face Powder called Trophy.

I'm loving the theme of the It's A Strike collection. It's themed on a bowling alley and the product I loved the most from the collection was the Pearlmatte Face Powder because of it's really awesome design. Printed into the actual powder are two skittles and a bowling ball.  

This is basically a powder with pearlized and satin shades that can be used for highlighting and blush effects. I like to put my brush into the powder to give a good blend of color. I then apply the powder to different areas of my face that I want highlighted.

It really does give my face a really nice glow. I did find after one use the stripes on the skittles do tend to fade, although the rest of the design doesn't which is a good thing.

I just love this product as it looks amazing in the packaging and looks amazing on the face.

MAC The Enemy Within Lipstick

MAC have very recently released a collection themed on Star Trek. As soon as I saw this collection I was really looking forward to trying the products, especially the lipsticks. As you can guess by the collection, most of the products are in metallic shades. I just love metallics as they look amazing. The lipstick I liked the most from this collection was called The Enemy Within and is a shade of neutral gold with a shimmer finish.

This collection is limited edition and most of it has now sold out. I really like it when MAC change the packaging of their limited edition collections, it makes the products look really interesting. For this one, Star Trek is printed onto the packaging. 

Gold is a color I love. It's one of those eyeshadows I love to wear but when it comes to lips I don't really have many gold colors. This one is great because the color stands out a lot and if like me, you love your metallics this is definitely a color you want to go for.

The pigment is amazing and even though it was a bit on the sheer side, the pigment built up nicely and didn't go patchy. It did need reapplying later on in the day as some of it had come off. It did have a nice creamy feel to it and didn't dry my lips out.

Lipstick Queen Cupid's Bow - Eros

I just love lip crayons. They are easy to use, come in a range of colors and make a great alternative to a regular lipstick. Last year I tried Lipstick Queen's Cupid's Bow, which are basically Lipstick Queen's version of a lip crayon. The other week in Selfridges I decided to get another one of them as I thought they were amazing. This one is called Eros and is a shade of hotter than hot pink.

I just love lip crayons as they are so easy to use. This one is great because the pigment is amazing and you don't need to use a lot to get plenty of color on your lips. The texture is nice and creamy too and glides on smoothly.

If you love bright pinks, this color is a must. Once on it didn't really need reapplying either. I just love the color, it's a fab one for people who love bright colors.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Illamasqua Moth Lipstick

A while ago Illamasqua released a collection called Vanitas. It is a limited edition collection and all products have this really awesome rose gold colored packaging. The other day when shopping, I decided to go for one of the lipsticks from the collection. This one is called Moth and is a chocolate brown color with a matte finish.

I'm loving brown lipsticks and at the moment they seem to be quite popular. Moth is an amazing dark color and looks great with dramatic eyes. It can also be worn with natural eyes too, if dramatic isn't your thing.

This one may be a matte but it doesn't have the dry feel that some mattes can have. Once on, it stays on all day and doesn't need reapplying either.